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Benefit Beauty Event for WOC

My biggest gripe with Benefit is that I find most of their products don't cater for women of colour. However on Tuesday evening I attended an event co-hosted by the lovely Yinka for an introduction into the brand and to look at the products which suit darker skintones. We were given a demonstration by Benefit's Head MUA Lisa Potter-Dixon who did a makeover on another blogger using popular products like Bella Bamba and Benetint. She then gave her a brow wax and tint - a service I never knew they offered. We also learnt something interesting about the origins of Benetint which I thought was hilarious.

After the talk we were given the chance to browse the products in their Covent Garden Boutique. Rhamnousia and I went swatch crazy and ended up discovering lots of WOC friendly products, some of which I had never come across before.

These are the ones that stood out the most, and I was really impressed with the Lust Dusters which were very pigmented and came in a number of gorgeous shimmery shades. I think these products get overshadowed by best sellers such as their blush boxes and make up kits which is a shame as they're really good (and in some cases, probably better!).

Even better news is that Benefit will be releasing a new range of foundation with 20 shades where there'll hopefully be something to suit everyone.Before that there'll be their new skin care range to look forward to this Spring.

All in all I had a great time at the event, especially as I got to meet so many other bloggers. If you're interested in blogs by WOC, do check them out!
The Postcolonial Rabbit

All pics from the Benefit website as I forgot my camera. I know, I know, I fail at life.


  1. I totally did. I stupidly thought my camera was already in my bag. Woops xx

  2. it was awesome meeting you :) great event xxxx


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