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Sleek Pan Tao blush from the Avoir la peche collection

When I first saw the promo photos from this new Sleek collection I knew that the Pan Tao blusher simply had to be mine. I mean look how bright and peachy it is. Love at first sight. I had originally bought the ASOS Groupon voucher with the intention to buy Gina by Nars but it's not on there, however I'm not too miffed coz Pan Tao looks very similar (to me anyway) and is like £15 cheaper!

It's a very orangey peach. It actually swatches a lot brighter than it appears in the pan and you really need a light hand when applying. I have to say that I found it chalkier than my other Sleek blushes.

Getting my hands on this turned out to be a mission. I went to Superdrug a total of SIX times, the one near work and the one near my house, last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. The collection officially came out on the 16th but the displays were up with the testers however only the palettes were in stock. In both stores I was told that the blushers and lip pouts hadn't been delivered yet. FAIL.

On Friday I sent the Mr to the Superdrug near his workplace with very detailed instructions. He is completely and utterly clueless when it comes to makeup. I even had to tell him that eye shadow goes on your eye lids...

I mean they're pretty clear right? (Note how I explained what blusher is) Yet he still had to ask a sales assistant for help haha.

I love this colour and will be buying another one as a back up if I can ever find it...

Btw I had to redraw the winner for my Avene Giveaway as the original winner never contacted me and it's been over a month. Congratulations to Ellie! xx


  1. LOOL at the texting.. and eyeshadow going on the lids!! HAHA!

    Loving the colour! Please show us what it looks like on you xx

  2. @Roshni - I'll take a pic with it on when I'm not looking like a tramp (hopefully later this week) xx

  3. Haha @ telling the Mr what blush is!

    I'm not gonna go for this I think, the chalkiness has put me off :(

  4. LOL at the text! My boyfriend's pretty good with all my makeup shit now, luckily lol x

  5. LMAO @ that text. Simon ain't that bad with makeup but that's only because I've trained him up over the ten years that I've known him.

    The colour of the blusher in the pan looks nice but it looks a bit chalky for my liking..

  6. I'm finding it a mission to track down as well! the exact same thing happened with the Valentine's collection - the blushes took ages to appear.

    I don't have many blushers so do want this - I guess with some buffing the chalkiness won't matter?

    Thanks for the swatch my dear! x

  7. I need to get that peachy blush I haven't visited Sleek in ages think I need to go now ;)

  8. The cover of the case is so cute! btw, how many blushes do you have:-)

  9. I LOLed at your adventures to get your hands on that blush hehe! It looks gorgeous but I'm not sure it will suit my super fair skintone...

  10. @Sana & @Rhamnousia - it isn't so bad once you "buff" it into your skin as Nazneen (The Postcolonial Rabbit) said xxx

    @Karleigh - I'm kinda glad he doesn't know what it is so he won't really notice when I buy more :D xxx

    @Mehvish - Get it whilst you can, it's LE :) xx

    @bolldywoodstylediaries - Yeh it's pretty isn't it? I have way too many hehe... xxx

    @Gaby - It is rather orange so I think it would only work on fair skin if applied VERY lightly? xx

  11. LOL!! The BBMing is too funny!! Hehe xx

  12. i tried this today! so pretty xx


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