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A is for...

...awesome birthday presents from Anthropologie.

It's my sister's 20th birthday tomorrow so I swung by Anthropologie after work today to get her a little gift. The clothes are crazy expensive but they have a really good homeware section, and their alphabet mugs make great personalised gifts.

I initially wanted to get one of these pretty monogrammed "missus" mugs but as they were on sale, the only ones left were B, I, K, X, Y & Z. Boohoo. Or maybe it was a blessing in disguise as I bought two as gifts last year and the handles broke easily.

This one is sturdier and quite large but that just means more room for gold chocolate coins! Sadly they don't all come with a Lola's red velvet cupcake ;)


  1. Very cute mugs! x x x

  2. This is a brilliant gift idea, especially with the cupcake!

  3. those mugs look super adorable ;)

  4. Ohhhh YUM!!!!
    Thanks you chicky! The lipstick is in Fuchsia by Lord & Berry. It's the fat lip pencil lipstick if that makes sense :) xxx

  5. lovely cups
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling


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