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Shoe Lust - The Zara Edition

Reason #14535 why I love Zara. They ALWAYS have beautiful, quality, on trend shoes which look more expensive than they actually are.

1, 2, 3.

My favourites are the first multi coloured pair which I first saw on Canned Fashion.
Oh to be able to wear vertiginous heels everyday without the fear of being crippled.

I should probably make this a monthly feature as there's hardly ever a pair of shoes I don't want.


  1. i need that last pair in my life. i adore their ballet flats too xxxx

  2. @bollywoodstylediaries - if only! xx

    @citygirlsfashionbox - I think they're a bit Louboutinesque which is why I love them xx

  3. Gosh these are lovely! Great picks. There's a really pretty pair of jewelled ballet flats in Zara I'm in love with too.

    My shoe-coveting site of choice is Kurt Geiger - I am a sucker for a chunky clumpy platform. x

  4. I love Zara..online.

    The shop is a totally different thing. I can never ever find anything in there because I'm too conditioned to expect all the shoes to be together, all the handbags to be together, all the tops to be together etc..

    I think their shop setup is sneaky because it shows you a whole outfit together and you end up buying it..despite you never wearing it as one.

    Anyway, I have to agree that their shoes are indeed, very nice. I recently got some boots from there for £4.99 (they were in the sale for a tenner but as they had a dodgy zip, I got them cheaper).

    I love love love the steel toed blue suede flats they had last season.

  5. I luv zara too but some of their items are way way overpriced. not worth at all.

  6. I love the first one, looks awesome!


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